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The biggest problem facing the construction industry today is the difficulty in finding skilled labor. The subcontractor exchange app - subX - helps contractors find quality subs, and helps quality subs keep their schedules full.

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About subX

What It Is

subX is an app that connects quality subcontractors in the construction trades with each other and good GCs. You'll be able to scroll through and see a list of available subs in your area. This way, during busy times contractors can find additional manpower, and during slow times, subs can find local projects.

How It Works

Sign up for an account, and choose your trade. When you have available manpower to help at another project, simply "turn on" availability. This will enable other contractors to immediately see your availability and get you onto a job site. If you are swamped and need more manpower for your own project, simply post a job - or contact a good sub directly, using the app.

Designed By Subs, For Subs

We are the only platform of our kind that is designed by subs, for subs. Our founders have worked in the trades and know exactly what it is like to struggle during busy times while looking for more manpower. We created subX to solve this problem, and to help our fellow subs.

Find Good Subs With Confidence

All subs using this app have cleared our rigorous vetting process, and have the necessary insurance to legally work in their trade. Furthermore, contractors can rate and review subs, which creates a fair way to ensure that you are getting quality laborers.

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